Research projects and grants

Pan-Canadian Virtual Conference entitled Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Cultural Sector: Role of Cultural Organizations


Issues of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are central for many cultural organizations. This project has two components: an event component and an outreach component. The event component is a two-day virtual Pan-Canadian conference to be held on June 15-16, 2022. It is entitled “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Cultural Sector: Role of Cultural Organizations”. As for the outreach component, it aims to equip cultural organizations with knowledge and best practices in EDI. To this end, we will produce podcast episodes in French (4 episodes) and English (4 episodes) addressing EDI issues in the cultural sector.

For the conference, we want to bring together researchers interested in the issues of EDI in the cultural sector and actors in the field, i.e. artists and workers from cultural organizations. The conference will be Pan-Canadian and simultaneous translation (French-English/English-French) will be provided.

The overall objective of this project is to foster communication between researchers and practitioners (cultural organizations and artists) to generate new knowledge about EDI in the cultural sector and specifically about the role of cultural organizations. This dialogue aims to equip cultural organizations and to bring researchers to develop a better understanding of the real experiences of the actors in the field. This general objective is broken down into four specific objectives. First, the dissemination of knowledge, where we aim to share knowledge from the academic sphere with target audiences in the management of EDI issues. Secondly, we aim at the co-construction of knowledge by combining practical knowledge with academic knowledge. By fostering dialogue between practitioners and researchers, new knowledge will emerge from this encounter. The third objective relates to the long-term dissemination of knowledge and to do this, we opt for a user-friendly and playful medium: the podcast. The fourth objective is the creation of long-term exchange relationships between Canadian cultural organizations. Cultural organizations have few opportunities to communicate with each other and this project aims to open the door to the creation of long term collaborative relationships.

Research team


Julie Bérubé

Associate Professor, UQO

Jacques-Bernard Gauthier

Associate Professor, UQO

Vivek Venkatesh

Full Professor, Concordia University

Research Assistant and Students

Nadine Dupuis


Maud Loranger

MBA student (Master’s thesis), UQO

Alexis Pouliot

Bachelor’s degree student in Administration, UQO